Defective Products

40px-spacerDefective and dangerous products are the cause for thousands of injuries every year across the Unites States. These products include all sorts of consumer goods that we use on a daily basis, ranging from appliances to medicine and even our own vehicles. Consumers that are injured by defective or dangerous products can pursue recourse through product liability laws.

40px-spacerThese laws are based on the notion that companies have a general duty to protect consumers from the potential hazards of their products.  Given the extensive range of products available to consumers, product liability cases are very complex and establishing legal fault often requires aggressive representation coupled with experienced expert testimony.

40px-spacerIf you or someone you know has suffered an injury caused by a defective or dangerous product, LAMA can help you get immediate medical treatment and put you in touch with an experienced attorney within just 5 minutes.  Call LAMA today at 844-400-LAMA (5262) for a FREE case evaluation.

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